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For the better part of my life, I have been involved in some facet of the arts and entertainment industry. From acting, writing, and directing in theatre and film to graphic and web design I have done a little bit of everything. I am a tech nerd with a passion for the arts who loves creating and collaborating. 

For the past 11 years, I have been a freelance graphic designer. I have digitally restored damaged pictures, retouched photos and headshots, created art pieces, wedding invitations, postcards, fliers, and designed social media and marketing campaigns.

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A design campaign created for a post-apocalyptic dark comedy. I composited images and created the neon font design to make movie posters, character one sheets and a pitch packet for future use. All designed in Photoshop.


A series designed for Dos Padres' ReenSNACKment series, emulating the styles of the original film artwork. On top of being featured on Funny or Die, this series was also featured on TBS. Designed in Photoshop.

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Spirit Quest

A social media campaign I created for a new webseries created for Instagram TV. I designed specific posts for the series that would be compelling as a single post, but would also create a tryptic three-panel story.

Cameron Dallas

I was contracted through Rogue Media to help with the social media campaign for Cameron Dallas. I designed logos, motion graphics, title sequences and hand drawn animations. The series was launched on all social media platforms.

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Ford Commercial Vehicles

I was contracted by TPG, Ford Motor Company's agency to help with their Commercial Vehicles campaign. I created CAD, Vector and Raster drawings of their vehicles for promotional materials, along with designing large digital and printed banners using the existing Built Ford Tough logo, ranging from 30 - 60 feet in length.


I was contracted by a professional actress and author to highlight her many talents. I colaborated with her to create a website design and media campaign to showcase her characters and promote her upcoming book realease.

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Vintage Springfield

This is an art project I created for myself. These are digital images designed to simulate the look of wood and aged metal, produced in Photoshop and Illustrator.

Walking Dead Wall Art

These were commissioned for fans of The Walking Dead. The images were designed in Photoshop and Illustrator and then transferred to wood.

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Custom Apparel Designs

These are commissioned custom apparel designs. They are designed based on the customer's wants and heat transfered onto clothing.

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Motion Graphics

I have worked in many forms of animation and motion graphics softwares including Blender, After Effects and Adobe Character Animator and Animate. Click here to check out my motion graphics reel.

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